Pizza Pilgrims | Pococello - our very own limoncello

Pococello - our very own limoncello

We couldnt find a limoncello we loved - so we made our own.

Like all good things, it began at a music festival, where we were happily placed to sell pizzas next to a gin stand – namely, Chase Distillery’s.  A few swops of Neapolitan pizza for G&T’s were all it took to discuss the lack of good limoncello in the UK, and perhaps a few more sips before we decided it would be a great idea to make our own.
All good limoncello starts with it’s lemons, and the worlds finest were required.  The perfect climate of Amalfi was the only place to find such beautiful citrus fruit, and an extraordinary twist of luck led the team to the Aceto family farm of Amalfi Town.
Luigi & Salvatore Aceto, sixth & seventh generation lemon farmers, and proud of the quality of every lemon that ships from their grove. A casual 6,000 were shipped to Herefordshire and peeled, distilled and bottled with the finest spirit, made in England.
It proved such a hit in the pizzerias that we realised more people than us cared about quality limoncello.  So what the hell, we decided to bring it to them.  Now, Pococello is available in loads of great restaurants & bars across London – and not just as an after-dinner digestif too.  It’s great in cocktails, spritz’s or our absolute favourite – The Poco-Tonic.  Add premium tonic and a wheel of lemon and you have yourself a dreamy aperitif.  Try one the next time you are in Pizza Pilgrims. Or, if you can’t wait – visit the website here and have it delivered to you today.

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