Pizza Pilgrims | How to eat Neapolitan pizza with a pizza boat

How to eat our pizza

We know this sounds a little bit silly – but eating Neapolitan pizza can actually be pretty tricky. Doubly so if you are wearing your newly dry cleaned white shirt for that important job interview you had coming up…

First things first – eating pizza with a knife and fork is a very Italian way to do things – so don’t feel like this is any kind of cop out option!

If, however, you absolutely positively need to get hands on with your pizza – follow our step by step guide to eating like a Neapolitan below:

Step 1 - The slice

First things first – cut the pizza into 4 quarters right across the middle. This can be done with a knife, or a circular pizza cutter. Make sure you cut with one firm action – show that pizza who is boss – so that the crusts cut cleanly and the pizza slices and easily be pulled apart.

Step 2 - The fold

As you may have noticed, great Neapolitan pizza is “floppy” – and a slice should not be able to hold its own weight (unlike, say, a pizza from the supermarket…). As such – now is the opportunity to give your slice some structural integrity. If you don’t, then all the awesome toppings will just slide off the pizza when you pick it up…

First, mentally split one of your quarter slices into three. You now want to fold one of the outer of these three segments over the top of the centre segment. You then repeat this from the other side of the slice – to create a “pizza boat” enclosing all topping. This should be able to support its own weight when you pick it up.

Step 3 - The shovel

This is the fun bit!

Pick up your slice – and take a large bite from the pointy end. You should get the full pizza hit on this one! And you should still have a clean shirt.

Don’t forgot to eat your crusts as well – they are the best bit!

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