Our Pizzas


Simplicity itself – but do not be fooled!

The Marinara has no cheese at all – and is just a simple combination of tomato sauce, olive oil, garlic, basil and oregano. As such – it is 100% vegan (and low on calories for people who care about such things).

“Who wants a pizza with no cheese” I hear you cry! But honestly – once you have tried it you won’t even notice – its that delicious.



Our most popular pizza – and the one by which all pizzerias should be judged.

The Margherita should be the perfect balance of salty dough, sweet tomato sauce, creamy fior di latte mozzarella & aromatic basil.

It is easy to write off the Margherita as the “vanilla” of pizza options – but this would to underestimate the perfection of a great Margherita. This is the true pizza connoisseur’s choice.


Gianfranco Gorgonzola

The only pizza on our menu that is also a pun – in honour of the tiny Italian magician of the mid 90’s Chelsea FC side.

A simple but flavoursome combo of Gorgonzola, ribboned courgette and fior di latte mozzarella – this white pizza (i.e. no tomato sauce) is one for blue cheese fans the world over. The newest addition to our permanent menu – it has quickly risen to be a firm favourite.

Obviously, the real cheese aficionado will combine with a gorgonzola crust dipper for the double cheese hit.


Smoked Napoli

A really punchy Italian choice. Strong flavours abound  – a great pizza for a hangover (couple with a nice cold beer as well of course).

Our Margherita base – with added capers, black olives and smoked anchovies (if ever there was a time to get over your anchovy phobia this is it). A pizza with the hit of the whole fruit.


Aubergine Parmagiana

Our pizza tribute to one of Italy’s most iconic dishes. This pizza started life as one of our guest specials – but its enduring popularity meant that we decided to give it a spot in the first team.

Oven roasted aubergine in a slow cooked tomato sauce, with baby plum tomatoes, fior di latte mozzarella – to make a pizza with that meaty aubergine parmigiana consistency, without any meat at all.



A true discovery of our “Pizza Pilgrimage” – the Nduja pizza has become one of our signature pizzas – and a real favourite of PP fans.

Nduja (pronounced en-doo-ja) is a spicy sausage from Calabria – with the consistency of a pate (they even spread it on toast in the south of Italy). A combination of 50% pork belly and pork cheek, alongside 50% calabrian chili – it is a fiery, meaty winner of a pizza topping.

We have been selling Nduja pizza since our days on Berwick st market – and it remains one of the pizzas we stand by to the end.



Probably the closest thing that we have to a “Pepperoni Pizza” – this is one for the meat lovers. Using authentic Neapolitan black pepper salami – this gives a real meat hit but without the heat of Nduja.


Portobello & Truffle

A “Pizza bianca” or white pizza – this might be the poshest pizza we have on our menu.

Giving a little taste of northern Italy – but of course with our normal Neapolitan dough – the truffle is really able to shine through and combine with the portobello mushrooms to make a pizza to remember.


Salsiccia & Friarielli

This is a true Neapolitan classic – and one that is bang up there with our favourites on the menu.

Sweet fennel pork sausage combined with “Friarielli” or wild Italian broccoli for the perfect flavour balance. Another white pizza – our version has added chilli for a little extra heat.

This is the pizza we recommend to our mates!



Calzone Ripieno

Our calzone is ever so slightly different from other Calzones you may have had. It is a still a folded pizza (the pizza equivalent of a Cornish pasty if you will) stuff with glorious things like ricotta and salami – but it is also topped with fior di latte and tomato sauce.

This is the hungry person’s choice – and one to make up for a missed lunch. The real expert can order this Calzone “unfolded”.


Nutella Pizza Ring

Obviously something sweet to finish. A ring of our Neapolitan dough, filled to the brim with Nutella chocolate and hazelnut spread, and salted ricotta. All baked in the oven to make sure the filling has the perfect ooze.

This has become one of our most iconic dishes – and perfect served with a ball of vanilla ice cream and a cheeky espresso.


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