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Crustmas Guest Pizzas!

Rejoice, two guest pizzas this festive season!

Our Guest Menu!

It’s a Wonderful Slice

A pistachio butter base with mortadella, buffalo mozzarella & toasted pistachios.

What more could you want from a pizza?

Drunk Figs & Goats Cheese

Figs cooked in a spiced red wine & clementine syrup, goats cheese, mozzarella, Parmesan, rocket and toasted hazelnuts.

Who would have thought dunking those little figgy bad boys in some red wine would be so good!

Mince Pie Calzone

Did you think we were done?!

It’s back!

A calzone stuffed with sweet mincemeat, mascarpone and served with vanilla ice cream. A classic finish to your meal, it can even convert the average mince pie hater into a mince pie lover!

Cocktails – The Peppergroni and Pomegranate G&T

Ok seriously, the last bit now!

We’ve got two brilliant cocktails joining our menu this month, the Peppergroni, a twist on the negroni but with Bourbon and a pepperoni garnish, naturally.

The pomegranate G&T, a refreshing wintery take on the classic G&T, it’s basically one of your five a day?

All this in pizzerias till the 6th January.

Selected items not available at Swingers or Westfield.



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