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Pizza Pilgrims is BACK! You can enjoy pizzas on our sunny terraces or indoors now, we’ve collated all the info you need so you can have pizza your way this summer.

For the sites taking bookings, please note outdoor booking is offered at a first come first served and so cannot be specifically pre-booked.


We’ve opened up bookings at a select few of our sites so you can plan ahead if you like. Of course, we keep a good amount of tables open for walk-in, so no worries if you end up swinging by!

All the sites below are taking bookings for lunch and dinner, if you have any questions, drop the pizzeria a line and we’ll sort it out!


Join us at our walk-in sites!

Soho (Dean St)

Carnaby (Kingly Court)

Camden (Parkway)

London Bridge (Bermondsey St)

Exmouth Market (Clerkenwell)

Slice (Southbank)

Garrick Street (Covent Garden)

We are not taking bookings in these pizzerias, indoors or outdoors, – walk in only – so swing by whenever you like and we’ll seat you as soon as we can. If there’s a wait you can join our virtual queue, grab a drink nearby and we’ll buzz you when a table is ready.

Our on-street tables in these pizzerias do have awnings or umbrellas – whilst they’re not monsoon proof, they’ll shield from a bit of drizzle.


Can you beat pizza in the park when the sun is out? We think not.

Drop by any of our pizzerias for click & collect / takeaway, head to nearby green spaces, pull up a rug and enjoy.

We’ve put together some handy maps below to show our favourite nearby parks.

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