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Halal at Westfield

We are really excited to have developed a Halal offer that we are trialling at our Westfield pizzeria. We hope to roll it out across all our pizzerias in the near future.

Firstly our fior di latte mozzarella is certified vegetarian as the rennet used is not animal based – making all our vegetarian pizzas suitable for vegetarians if you omit the parmesan.
We have also been on a “Pepperoni Pilgrimage” of our own to find the best certified halal pepperoni out there! We tried 12 different products and found a fantastic beef pepperoni that tastes great and is certified halal.
It is important to note that although the product is certified halal, the pizzas are prepared in the same kitchen as non halal products. We take cross contamination seriously at Pizza Pilgrims with all dietary requirements from allergens, to vegetarianism and halal. We have a very strict policy of hand washing and using different utensils to separate the products. We also use a different section of the oven to cook the halal pizzas but is important to not that they are cooked in the same oven.
If you have any more questions do feel free to email us at info@pizzapilgrims.co.uk or ask a team member in the pizzeria.


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