Harvest London x Pizza Pilgrims - Pizza Pilgrims

Who Are Harvest London?

Created by Chris Davies and Matt Chlebek, Harvest London aims to create a form of farming that helps make supply chains a little more sustainable & help us change our relationship with food.

Based in London their farms aim is all about shifting our food system towards more local, sustainable, fresh food, aided by using technologies like vertical farming.

Here’s a little look into what’s happened since we’ve moved all our basil to Team Harvest!


All our pizzerias exclusively use the ‘Salvo Variety’.

This basil is pretty unique in a few ways (other than being delicious).

  • Small, green & cupped
  • Rich & fragent aroma
  • Low water content to prevent charring


Visit out Selfridges pizzeria to walk through our wall of live basil!

This is just the start in our journey with Harvest London, their farming includes transformative potential; vertical farming is one of the multi approaches to helping create sustainable and viable supply chains, it’s not a miracle but it’s pretty bloody amazing!

Watch this space to see our partnership grow, today basil…tomorrow the world!?

“Pizza Pilgrims are really leading the way in looking at how and where their ingredients are grown, so that they can offer customers the freshest food possible, with less of an impact on the environment. It’s fantastic to work with such a forward-thinking company.” Chris Davies, Harvest London

“I met the team at Harvest London back in 2018 and from that moment there was a shared goal and collaborative approach to working together which has been embedded into Pizza Pilgrims.  The team absolutely love the fact that we are now working with a partner who helps us make a difference.  Our quality has improved, our carbon footprint has decreased and we look to the future with Harvest London as we grow together.” Gavin Smith, Pizza Pilgrims


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