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Pizza For everyone

We set off on our Pizza Pilgrimage in our three-wheeled van in 2011. What we fast began to realise is that a pizza pilgrimage never, ever ends…but what’s clear is that there should be pizza for everyone – so we’ve been working hard on this.
That’s why we are so pleased to announce gluten friendly and halal options at Pizza Pilgrims.

Pizza is special and we hope you enjoy it – the pilgrimage never stops and we are continuously developing in the background to be more inclusive, watch this space for more options for all dietary needs.

Gluten Friendly Dough

The hunt for a low gluten base has been years in the making. Using Caputo gluten free flour (Caputo Fior Di Riso Gluten Free Flour), the food team have been working hard behind the scenes to get the hydration and fermentation levels juuust right to get that puffy, glorious crust and maintain that delicious taste.

The gluten friendly bases are perfect for those who want to lead a more gluten-low lifestyle.

The dough is prepared using the gluten-free rice flour, however when it’s put into the oven, it is on the oven floor, just the same as other pizzas and handled by chefs who also handle the ‘regular dough’.

Our GF pizza (not just the dough) has been lab tested and it is within legally and scientifically approved levels of gluten that means it’s safe to consume for people that cannot eat gluten.

We use rice flour to stretch all our dough when making the pizza, so the regular flour is only used to make the regular dough.

We take allergens really seriously with cleaning procedures in place and doing everything we can to minimise cross-contamination of all allergen, but it is our advice that this product is not suitable for coeliacs and those severely allergic to gluten. 

You will be advised of this by a member of staff at a pizzeria if you are a coeliac.

The pilgrimage never stops and we are constantly developing and hope to have something for those coeliacs soon.

We recommend that this base is not suitable for coeliacs.The issue is that there is gluten in our environment, in the air and we cannot control how much that affects someone. This is totally up to the individual and the severity of their coeliac disease.


Halal Pepperoni

We have been on a “Pepperoni Pilgrimage” of our own to find the best certified halal pepperoni out there! We tried 12 different products and found a fantastic turkey & beef pepperoni that tastes great and is certified halal. In this trial process we involved members of the halal community to give us feedback and got their stamp of approval so we are confident that you’ll love it!
It is important to note that although the product is certified halal, the pizzas are prepared in the same kitchen as non halal products. We take cross contamination seriously at Pizza Pilgrims with all dietary requirements from allergens, to vegetarianism and halal. We have a very strict policy of hand washing and using different utensils to separate the products. It is important to note that all pizzas are cooked in the same oven.
If you have any more questions do feel free to email us at or ask a team member in the pizzeria.


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